Randomness in Orange and Black

These are the last set of Chloé photos taken in my mobile cam. Now that the new Canon Powershot has arrived, the nokia cam is mostly out of business. Not that it is any less awesome in capturing the cool moments, like the ones below  ^_^

The awkward sleeping poses

It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log ~ The Beatles

Light screen  mode

50% sleepy, 40% weird, 10% hidden evil plans

Dozed off mid play

Bed domination

"All the kitten sketches you did are wrong. Hand me the pen"

"Your life or your blankit"

Trees and windows

The day when Chloé finally learned to climb Down the tree without wailing for help

"The angle is perfect. But where do I get that much dynamite??"

Staring at the bird : captured during a powercut on a calm and serene day

Just a closer look at the bird on spotlight

- fin -


  1. Cute! Cholé has sure turned out beautiful! Waiting for more pictures. :)

  2. Oh how cute! She looks a lot like my Pebbles! And Pebbles has done some of those poses too...is she calico or torty x white DSH?

  3. Can't say this enough... The kittehz :kitten is gorgeous... :mj :D