Rabbits, Roosters, and Ducks

The following is the result of me rampaging through grandma's neighbour's big yard; (Constantly!) Moving animals are a great challenge to practice and perfect your photography skills ;)

The fluffy singularity

"Let's go green you guys!"

The fluffy cosmic singularity of uber cuteness

Rooster's pride
Handsome, strong, brave and elegant - you really don't want to mess with this one

Keep your distance; Or there will be blood

Duck personalities !
"Why am I running mindlessly this way? Honestly Mr.Rooster, I wish I knew"
Ducks do strike us as a little dumb, to be frank. If you still doubt it, go and watch their lot running around, switching to the opposite direction then and now.

But here's the challenge - reflect upon them individually, understand each person in the pack. Let us see how it came out ^_^

"Fish and bread mixed in huge cabbage plates decorated with garden snails? It is as if i'm dreaming!"

"To sleep or not to sleep - that is *the* question"

*pop* Focus ME!

And then we jumped into this puddle of mud and we had no idea what was - Hey! A camera!

Hey Browny, look.. this guy's photographing me.. *giggle*

- fin -


  1. Haha love the wee bits below the pictures!x :P

  2. Awwwwwww... The neighbor has a fun yard! So many animals. And the bunny is soooooooo cute! ^_^
    Three stars from me :star :star :star

  3. More pics of Chloe :kitten please though...

  4. you have awesome subjects to photograph :)
    Hope to see more of these :)