Chloé HD

So here is the first set of Chloé pics taken with my new Canon Powershot. Yes, it essentially means there are more! Now watch Chloé with every white, black and orange hair on her fur coat.


Toy camera filter works perfectly with Chloé !

For justice shall be served..

..with hugs


"Don't worry, go and attend the call; No one shall touch your ironed shirt!"

5 minutes later

"It appears that I've taken a liking to this table. Human, tonight you shall have the bed all for yourself"

Candle trilogy

Chloé and the candle: Evil

Chloé and the candle: Innocence

Chloé and the candle: Curiousity

- fin -


  1. Ha ha ha ha. Chloe is so photogenic.
    Do you have a difficult time to get her to pose? Sometimes i had to shout at my cat so she turned to me for a shot :)

    Nice one et. Do more.

  2. @Shadow
    Yeah, the better the photo is, the more patience and effort is put into it!

    Although, I try not to manipulate Chloe much while photographing her. Most of the poses have the perfectly natural Chloe poses :)

  3. Ahhhh.... She looks so like my cat Pooffy... Mwah Mwah to her...