Bangalore is still having the windy evenings. The vague hints of a subtle rain do lurk in the clouds at times.
What more do we need for a happy walk back home after work?

I have got into the full pace in enjoying my new city. Discovering, absorbing, meandering.
And meeting people!

There was a time when I really really looked forward to trying pani puri; Warmly choreographed scenes where I walk through the wide streets and snatch a pani puri from the road-side chat shop. I am disappointed to say (and I apologize to fans of pani puri) that reality wasn't all that smooth. I am not criticizing a popular food from a neighboring culture, but let's just say I am no more looking forward to having any more pani puris. May be I was having it from the wrong places. May be my tastes will change in the future. For now, though, I am content without pani puris in my life.

I have a couple of doodles to share with you folks today. These are from two different places, depicting observations from my first visit.

The first one is from Richmond park, which is close by my work location. It is a small park. People do come to have evening walks, but have to walk several rounds to have any satisfactory exercise. The benches - if you exclude the fact that they're mostly occupied - promises a good place to sit and relax and read a book perhaps.

Some interesting persons I came across there:

The next one is from Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum in Bengaluru. The history, science and technology exhibits were indeed fun and informative. It is interesting how the constant crowd in the building includes all varieties of people.

I came across this very simple man who was operating the control on a mathematical exhibit:

He was obviously oblivious to the properties of this peculiar curve or the equations governing it. But he was energetically turning the handle which would rotate the three rods, their spinning plane describing a hyperbola; There was something for everyone in every exhibit.

It was nice to see the exhibits as well as to observe how different age groups and different types of people respond to various exhibits. It was a good day.
Although the food was bad. Then again, the taste of homely food is something you'll always miss despite all the colors of a distant land and the wanderlust.


  1. Nice blog :) like the sketches :)

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  3. Second one sketch says everything no need to write down detail for it. Great one Rahul. :tup