An evening in the flea market

Present day. Bangalore is cool, windy, and slightly damp with the recent showers.

It is Sunday evening.
Just within the tall walls of Palace Grounds, lies a whole world of colors, art, food and music.
And a crazy crowd, with their labradors and pugs and the weirdest umbrellas.

It's Kitsch Mandi. And this time, I am there :)

First I'll show you the pulp fiction art work from Graphicurry which I'd coveted for a while now and finally brought home on this rainy Sunday :

You know the dialogue! Else you deserve to be shot :-|
And what follows is the all too (actually, tooo) colorful world of the flea market fest. I'll let solely the pictures speak:

Budha and Autorikshaw ties; Quite a good way to appear in your next team meeting :P

More uses of beer bottles

And then it rained, and the weirdest umbrellas popped into the air

Then there was Batman (tshirts)

And more mad colors

Some stores exclusively for the girls

And some for the foodies :)

And that's all the pictures for now. The photographs are incomplete; there is so much more that hasn't been covered in here. 
I believe that the event is to be experienced, and only so much of the real fun can be gathered from mere photographs. My advice is to be there on the next Kitsch Mandi.

Don't miss the Bengaluru flea markets fests if you can. Why enjoy life only partially when it can be fully lived? :)


  1. ax. now you've made me jealous!!

    ps-and getting that friggin' stupid word verification out of here dude! it sucks!

  2. Kitsch Mandi ? I wonder how it's pronounced ? :D
    Off to Google this place.

  3. Dosa Dhamaka.... Missed it during Bangalore visit.