A new domain !

After a considerable amount of postponing, continuous distractions, and quite a bit of commotion from moving things around, finally I've managed to bring everything under a single domain !

From now on, this blog will be accessible from the url:

There are a bunch of new things and a bunch of changes to the older stuff. For one thing there is a new compilation of the portfolio. I've also put the selected flash games in a special category :)

You'll get to see a new about me page, that place where we try to minimize the use of 'I's and 'Me's but nevertheless end up using them quite a number of times.

The comic also has its own sub-domain, so will the upcoming projects have. I have a few creation plans in the basket. Hoping to get going with them and publish them under the new home soon enough ^_^

Over and out, for now.
Let me know your comments, suggestions and unforgiving criticisms, as usual.