A new domain !

After a considerable amount of postponing, continuous distractions, and quite a bit of commotion from moving things around, finally I've managed to bring everything under a single domain !

From now on, this blog will be accessible from the url:

There are a bunch of new things and a bunch of changes to the older stuff. For one thing there is a new compilation of the portfolio. I've also put the selected flash games in a special category :)

You'll get to see a new about me page, that place where we try to minimize the use of 'I's and 'Me's but nevertheless end up using them quite a number of times.

The comic also has its own sub-domain, so will the upcoming projects have. I have a few creation plans in the basket. Hoping to get going with them and publish them under the new home soon enough ^_^

Over and out, for now.
Let me know your comments, suggestions and unforgiving criticisms, as usual.


  1. Hey et! you're work is really amazing.

  2. Great Work ET, Keep going..

  3. Just came across your blog. iLikes :D

  4. The concept of exploring new domains to foster personal growth and fulfillment is both inspiring and empowering. I appreciate the emphasis on embracing uncertainty and taking calculated risks.