Hard reboot

Tiny goofs and blunders like that are necessary part of life. In some sense they validate a person; the very fact that a human is human, and nothing ever works out the way it should.
[Liquidation, Imre Kert├ęsz]

Laws of productivity

Recently I came across a quote by Jerry West which caused a great rush of motivation.
Now, this was one quote which I wanted to follow everyday. I made a small design based on it and put it up in front of my work spaces, both at home and office.
Time to get some work done!

The weekend that followed was a total denial of these words so highlighted in yellow and red.
An unusual sleepiness crept in; the postponing part of the brain kicked into action.
I convinced the conscience that something is being done by doing minor designing, fuzzy sketching, and writing no-brainer cosmetic changes to some hobby code.
This probably didn't justify the hours spent watching Star Trek and Big Bang Theory and those spent inside Assassin's Creed.

The sound of purring

The 1st Indian International Cat Show was happening in Bangalore. I expected something along the lines of this:

My brain explodes due to an unhandlable amount of pure cuteness

Many things contradicted my expectation. They were mainly, but not limited to: 1) All cats being in cages  2) A congested hall with no space to move  3) Gloomily sleepy cats  4) Over-protective owners

Quest for taste

It has been a joyful occasional weekend exercise to take a long walk alone in the evening, the destination being some pastry shop, where I make up for all the lost calories.
The day's final quest was a pretty long walk culminating in front of a pretty big slice of Death by Chocolate.
So there I was, walking into the the food court of a big mall, taking the shortest path to the pastry outlet, and guess what?
The whole outlet was gone. It had been replaced by something else. No cake. No meaning to all the walk.

And finally, rain

If you don't break schedules for too long, the universe will break it for you.
It is not always about the satisfaction of getting things done or every day turning out to be awesome.
Sometimes, it takes a hard reboot ^_^

I sat in my cubicle today and was reading about rain.
Even inside the isolated area, I noticed that the weather felt great.
This feeling dragged me to the wide open terrace, and the air was welcoming with gentle breeze and a drizzle tiptoeing happily around the place.

And it was clear that the awesome times were back.


  1. National cat day: 29th october. Love posts like this one :)

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