The Comic Portrait Project - Customized Cartoon Portraits of Real Persons

Frankly, portraits weren't always my favorite choice in drawing; It didn't seem interesting just to capture people as is.
Then again, there are multiple ways to look at things. Smile and laughter, cartoon and comic, all these magically make things several times better. It's been great fun since I took a glance at this funny and lighter side.

I started out making a few comic portraits of people around me. The idea took off real quick.
More portraits were made, and even more requests were coming in.
Now it is time to put everything in one place and give the project its own space in the Interwebs.
The Comic Portrait Project is live, complete with an option to get your own customized comic portrait.

The portraits created in the project strives to be something more than simply a cartoonified version of yourself. This is not even a caricature, for that reason, which means the portrait won't be just a copy in lines of the photo provided.
This is a fully customized, personalized portrait that is entirely the comical you!

I look forward to making more portraits - a hundred, a hundred more?
Above all, it is a happy thing to explore the comic essence in different persons and putting it down in lines and color.

Click the below image to explore The Comic Portrait Project and even get a customized cartoon portrait for yourself or your loved ones ^_^


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