Earth and Sun

Aww.. yesterday I got this mail from my little cousin Paurnami, who is about 10 years now. And I saw that she has made a picture so that I can make it my wallpaper. Well after seeing the image, I was really surprised to see her skill so that I couldn't help posting it here.. and making it my wallpaper :) ! Her impression of the universe, the space and perspective is amazing.

See the little art..

Earth and Sun by Paurnami

(You see some snow on the Earth? Is that Antarctica?)

And the little artist here..

Paurnami(Snap by me!)

I didn't mean to insist you upon using this as your wallpaper! But it's so beautiful to have an original wallpaper from a 10 year old :L . The image is probably made in MS paint and actually is a little smaller to be a wallpaper. Anyhow it looks perfect at my desktop :h !

Lets hope that she'll become a good artist and make more beautiful wallpapers for me ^_^ . And I also noticed that the smaller versions of this pic looks cool. See some of them..



You can use them for links in sidebars ,as other graphics, or simply showcase the picture. Feel free :O .

Downloads down here..
The original pic
The 200 width version(smaller one)
The 120 width version(smallest of em all)

Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility


  1. Insha Allah to the thought that she will become a grt artist in the very near future :)

    & may I say Awwwwww.... She's sooo super duper cute! :) :)

    God Bless

  2. God bless :)
    Well thanks to my mob cam for the super cute snap!! and me!! :P

  3. i had been thinking on changing my 'cool friends' wallpaper for a long time now....guess what...i got an even cooler one...thanks pournami...and a big thanks to you too,et

  4. @ Kaddu
    Well..I'll tell her of your compliments :)

    @ dark nymph
    Nice that you're making it u'r wallpaper. Note that I have updated the picture. The earlier picture was kind of pixelized on my attempt to add the site link in it.
    Download the newer picture for a nicer desk! :D

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