The Last of it's Kind


Semester exams over. It's summer vacation!


  1. 2months!!! I've rattled my old brains & now I remember that we used to get a month in December & another mth during the summers.

    Anywho that's no reason 4 u to flip out & spell vacation with 2 c's and pessimistic as pecimistic! :P

    But I'll be waiting with bated breath for the blog changes. Loved what you did last time! My blog's look has begun to bug me too now.

  2. Yeah I added it in the 'Edit' at the end! :)
    You know what.. I didn't even believe Google underlining those words in red!! I really miss vacations!

    The blog changes are not gonna be blasting.. just touch ups all around.This template was sweaty wrk.. and done durin ma finale xams!Creativity needs xams.. not vacations!!(for me)
    PS:I planned for a stunning new template.. but got lazy thinking of the work to be done in realising it.. :P

    You may try changing colours :)

  3. Done it!
    You are right about xams and timepass going together. I am supposed to be studying for a lot off things & look at what I am up to :(

  4. Cheers for u.. don't give up in life!! :( --> :)

  5. u have a cool blog...really an eternal thinker u r !!

  6. oh thnx! :)
    see ya around!!