Start afresh!

It's that special time of the year again. It's Vishu, the festival of lights and glory. The Kani-konna flowers has blossomed everywhere, and this time the small Konna tree in my house yard has also blossomed! :)

Crackers are making noise in the whole of the place. People will be having their Kani the coming midnight - a wonderful sight which symbolizes glory.. with all fruits, vegetables, cereals and the idol of lord krishna in the golden bowl.. and a reflection of the self in the small mirror, showing us the potential in ourselves, the power within us to change our fate.

This is time to kick start another fresh round, with all good deeds, promises, and a clean heart.
Let there be flowers!! :D

Konna flowers.. and et :)

So go ahead.. talk nice to everyone, hear some refreshing music, do something meaningful and good. And yeah.. watch some good movies; they can work wonders on your day :) . Speaking of which, I watched the movie Bridge to Terabithia. It is beautiful.. and it shows us there is no limit for our imagination. A must watch. Think beyond imagination!!

Have a prosperous time till the next Vishu.
Wish you all a Happy Vishu!! :)


  1. Happy Vishu Et!!!!

    You beat me to writing a post on it! But its tomoro at dawn right? Last year I was in Kerala first time in my life for both Onam & Vishu. So got a very good feel of it :)

    But I'll post my version later :)

    Happy New Year da :)

  2. happy vishu...i can't figure how you managed to miss out the kaineettam part...;)

  3. @ ALLL ABOVE...
    Wish you all a prooosperous time ahead!! :h

    @ dark nymph
    Aha.. it's just coming.. this was the prequel! :D

  4. HI, nice sunny post. Happy Vishu, dude.

    Uh..jus owndering..why do u hv Outbrain's posts under ur star ratings???

    Seems jus cuz u wanted the star ratings widget, u now hv no option but to showcase utbrain's posts too. Sad.

    Search for this widget elsewhere. The net is HUGE.

  5. @ Anand
    The thing is that this widget was here in this blog from the 'pre-historic times' and so didn't feel like getting rid of it. ;)
    Well..if somebody is feeling sad abt t.. i'll do think of changing it. It's a democratic world! :)