Smiley update!

It's time for all those little blog updates!

Here comes yet another cool update after the header update - the smiley update. It's nothing but a bunch of smileys to the et's blog :) You see that..? Now the blog posts will be spiced up with all these little smilies rather than the usual emoticons :D

Uff.. that wasn't an easy work :f ! Anyways the smileys comes in most of the usual flavours.. from the shy ones :$ to the devilish ones :v !! Moreover, they appears in comments as well! Enjoy the update :O

Unlike the header update the smiley update is more flexible. I'll be adding more smileys and the best thing is that.. I'll be sharing a bunch of smileys with you people. Just wait for another post on this, when I'll make some more smilies and tell you all how to make them appear in your posts. Also suggest me ideas on any cool smiley that comes in your mind, or those you would love to add in your posts :L . I'll try to include them to the group! :d


  1. nice one... but how these smileys appeared??

  2. I already have a diff version of these smileys!!! :P:P:P

    Hmmm...smiley suggesiotns? lemme see.... what about weather smileys, bowing down smiley, dancing, guitar smashing smileys..... :D

  3. @ Deepika
    Well it's a simple JavaScript thing! I'll share with you in a sooner post :)
    btw do lemme know u'r choice of smilies!

    @ choco
    Yeah I already saw u'r smilies :P (and don't forget to give a space b4 and after the smiley!)

    Well large smilies can create unnecessary space between 2 lines. Anyways lemme see what can i do about it :d

  4. @et
    oh I was wondering why those:Pdidn't come up... :)

    thanks for clearing it out :D

    now lemme see

    :p :P :P :P :P

  5. Yay!!!! It worked

    Now this is were I need the dancing smiley!!!

  6. Oh cool!!!

    Now y can't I see him in the comment selection???

    You like to dance all alone??? :r

    :P :P :P

  7. good smileys dude..I make use of it very well and i expect lot of smileys from u...done a very good job..thanks for great and cute smileys

  8. anymore update on smiley?? i love ur smiley list.. even put in on my blog also..

  9. oh! finally I've succeed! thanks!!! it works!! do you have yahoo smiley besides than this? :D