Flame On!

Well here's the surprise of the month.
I'm now gonna disclose what I've been planning since the start of vacation. It's a new blog! And it's called et on Fire.

One fine day I got this feeling that I should start a blog to showcase et cartoons and other artworks, apart from personal blogging. In a brief sentence, this new blog is the result of that thought put into action. And that explains it! Okey, there's something more.. I plan to make some goodies like various graphics and e cards that you can use in your sites! Now that'll be more cool :) .

Don't ever think that I've been working weeks over the new blog. I did it in somewhat 3 days. The actual plan was to make some slight alterations to the Eternal Thoughtstemplate(currently used in blog). Even then I put the work aside and stayed idle. And then the day came, and the thought sparked in my head, and I made the Flaming thoughts template, now used by the new blog. I need all your feedback about the design! There's lot of experiment out there!

Why you should never use Internet Explorer??
It's because et on Fire blog looks like crap inside IE. When I tried it with all other browsers it looked just fine. And then in IE7, even the header wasn't displayed at all. I tried many tweaks over it. Then i dropped IE, at last. No matter how popular IE is, I can't delay the release of this blog. So stop using IE. And why should you use IE when you have cool browsers all around and the masterpiece browser Mozilla Firefox?? Go here and get inspired with Mozilla!

Again get inspired with et on Fire! :P

Teh surprise element..
Personal notes
The new blog was in the concept, soon it was put into process. All these times the hardest thing was to keep the surprise for now. There were many times when I was about to spill the secret like when choco started her new blog, during the twitter fight with kaddu and choco, or when I'm simply tweeting etc etc. Not to mention that I survived all these scenarios :) ! Piece of cake :e


  1. I AM surprised! Pleasantly surprised!


  2. The purpose is fulfilled! :i

  3. et your blog so cool...i want your templete..hihi

  4. Et , i want to know how you make this template . I'm amazed with the design you've did . I hope you will make a new template that was amazing like your's blog now .