The Dark Chapter : Screwed up!

So the worst nightmare finally came in it's full fledged form!

And worse than the worst : To be stuck in the worst case scenario test experiment (code name transistor) with a stupid measuring device, which is at the core of the whole system to be observed. Plus the executor blaming me of not correcting the circuit, instead of taking a look at the stupid thing which is secretly giggling at my situation.

You know what, Electronics Lab is the best place on the planet to give wings to your creativity.
See what I've been working out at the lab(not today, but some days before) when others were involved in automated tasks like... doing exactly what is told by the teacher..

Wiring up - the creative way!

Take a closer look at the wire-doggy..

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  1. Et!!!! You must have been really traumatized!!!
    That is because this post was brilliant!
    Way to go dude:)

  2. That's just because I were 'Thinking beyond imagination' at the lab!!

  3. awesome dude and those wire skeletons(i guess)ver remarkable 2

  4. @ pawan
    yeah! wire skeletons.there were more items but didn't get a chance to take their snaps..

  5. I adored the wire-dog because it was just brilliant! You remind me of my poor days back in college where if it was not the seniors, it was the no-good profs out to get you.

    And here's my post from life on the other side of the blackboard, on one of the atrocious things in life and lab exams called viva:

  6. Teh Viva!.... Don't remind me pls.. :P

  7. haha...i really pity u electronics dudes....donno how u guys do it...i hate anything to do with it..and still m doin IT..which has its own share of electronics...

  8. And u thought I were in Ec?That's death!I am in CS!
    rest all the same.Same to yoU!

  9. Now only I read It Rahul.So nice.I simply love the way you narrate things.keep it up.

  10. @ seeni
    i didn't know that u started blogigng seriously :)
    gud 2 knw.. keep in touch