Out with New Looks!


Yeah! I've released the new template for The Eternal Thinker blog. It was something I specified in this year's resolutions. But who would've thought I might complete it this fast?!

Talking about the new template..

I call it Eternal Thoughts

The template is not 100% complete yet. I just thought of applying it since the basic works were complete. And as I said I did all the design and drawing completely myself!!

The coding part of the design was a little bit difficult since I was not much into HTML, css and all. Anyway the whole designing process was much informative and fun(and frustrating at times :(). The template is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox. I've taken care of it's appearance in IE7 as well. It has little problems with IE6, but who cares the old guy! Use Firefox!! :D

As you can see this is my first ever venture in designing a blogger template. I referred random tutorials over the internet and also checked source code of some sites. So I am looking forward to your suggestions and comments to a great deal! Let me know of any modifications to be done in the current design and your comments are needed also in adding up some more features. I deleted all the sidebar gadgets when the new template was applied and hope to reset them soon.

Stay tuned to watch the latest modifications to the Eternal Thoughts template!
Do tell me how you liked the design!

Awaiting your valuable suggestions..


  1. Hey et, cool template!
    Loved the fact that u have the home,index etc buttons on top. I have always wished tht the blogger templates had that feature. The fact that you designed it. is even more awesome.
    I'm too wowed to be critical right now. Maybe later:)

  2. thnks!
    And now i have some more idea about this template design..and i'll soon be posting on the many design tips!
    hope that'll be useful!

  3. Yes, tht will be nice!

  4. good......go on....

  5. Man.....its cool the way u designed ur blog!!!......I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago....an I have'nt a clue so as how to design templates and stuff. I suppose I'm all thumbs in this kinda stuff!!!

  6. Hmm.. You'll just figure out everything about it as you blog along!:) cheers!!

    For a quick start.. you may google for some 'free blogger templates' that can be downloaded and applied to your blog!

  7. It looks great ET. Why not start posting some do it yourself tutorial for creating templates!
    Thanks a lot
    Best of lucks

  8. Hey! This is cool. Can you tell me how to add an extra sidebar in blogger.

  9. @ kabeer
    I have the same plan in mind just need some time! :)
    See you again!

    @ pushkar
    I'll try to post about this.And you can always google for it.It's a simple work so there'll be lots of tutorial! :)

  10. Wow , i'm very like this template .
    Black & white , 2 colors I like
    It seems very harmonious .