The Good Ol' Times

When we were the small kids, sitting in front of our TV but not really watching any cartoons or shows - We were holding tight to the video game joysticks then, pushing ourselves to the sides and thus matching the physics reality with the little red car on the screen. There were a whole lot of 'em. The super Mario bros., F1 race, Pacman, Kung-fu etc etc and etc.
I've thought they were long lost.
And then I visited this blog. I think I got to it from The blogger community. And this post caught all my attention. It was all about these supposedly long lost video games. It gave us a option to download and play these games on our PC, and as usual, the best part of it - for free! It actually require some initial setting of graphics and audio before we can really play the games(Just in case YOU download it and then it results in an error).

So the game file just opened in full screen..

Here windowed.. it works in Ubuntu as well!

O Nostalgia! The same ol' game selection screen.. the 64-in-1 kinda thing! That was really a big surprise for I thought this will be some reproduction of the old games. But it actually is the very same thing. I don't have any idea how it's done. But I guess it's some conversion of the original game files.
And then I played all of 'em. The Battle City with my sis.. as usual me took the yellow tank and she took the green one. Then there was Contra, all of those space-shooter games, and many more little games.

Then there was Load-runner.

Real time strategy!

I just remember this game too much! I remember seeing it first in a new game cartridge I bought and then playing it for hours together without any snacks or drinks(which eventually caused overheating of the system many times leading to it's death!). It required such keen strategy(as the Hitman series of today) and I always stayed sharp playing load-runner! :D

And nothing is complete without the good ol' Galaxian, the papa of all games we see today!

And here's the download link again!

And I died! Uh.. I played much better when I was 11


  1. I don't follow games much. But nice that you rediscovered your passion!!!!
    Now if only I could remember what mine was...:)

  2. hehe ihve ol dose on my PSP
    By d wy NES still owns
    Wid love>>loderunner
    an all tym favorite

  3. @choco
    The right time comes and the past repeats itself!

    lolz! And don't go too much shorthanded.My decoding capabilities are limited :)