Running with Lola..

Innumerable questions looking for an answer, an answer which will raise the next question and the following answer will raise a following question and so on and so forth. But in the end, isn't it always the same question and always the same answer?
Narrator, Run Lola Run

Okey! Now this is about a movie I saw this evening. If you have already seen the movie I am talking about you'll grasp it from the title itself. If you haven't, read on!

The recent movies I saw include Slumdog Millionaire, Original Sin, Hancock etc etc. All of them are good movies I agree. And of course we have some scope for some hot discussion about Slumdog-gone-Millionaire's highlighted issues regarding the illustration of India as a non-developed nation by a foreign director and blah blah blah and all. Well, I JUST didn't felt like blogging about 'em.

This movie called Run Lola Run, I originally got from Dipi's collection. It's a German movie actually. It's really nice to enjoy the charm of movies from other languages, speaking of which, you must take a look at Korean movies like My Little Bride.The movie is mostly what the title says. The girl, Lola, runs around and around throughout the movie. She runs for a purpose, that is to get 100,000 Marks(their currency alright?!no exams involved here!) in 20 minutes to save her boyfriend Manni's life. The best part is.. she doesn't really have much idea regarding how to get the money when she starts running for it!

Googled Image

Lola runs around and at the end, along with her boyfriend, robs a shopping mall and eventually gets shot down by the police. You tell The End.
But look, it's just one possibility in the real world been illustrated in front of us. The run starts again.. Lola meets the same people on the way, but things occur in a different way owing to tiny differences in timing and Lola's run. And actually in the movie there are three runs in total, and in the third run everything gets fine!
The ball is round, a game lasts 90 minutes, everything else is pure theory. Off we go!
Herr Schuster, Run Lola Run

Googled Image
The movie is less than 1.5 hours but of pure fun, adventure, and striking facts. It's just another movie I appreciate for excellent direction and planned construction. The movie starts with ideas regarding the uncertainty of this world and the human behavior. It shows how largely things can vary with micro changes in a single person's run. The different runs in the movie are amazingly connected at various points. And it also gives the little ol' moral that money acquired only in the right way brings happiness :).

That was enough fun for today!

And.. I got 1st in the English story writing competition conducted at college Fine Arts! :D

Try to watch Lola running! I can't help, because I accidentally deleted it from my hard drive! :(


  1. Sounds like a sci fi flick.
    You should share your contest winning story with us on your blog:)

  2. I'd rather write another story for posting in the blog! I write crap in the competitions.

    Hmm.. what it means when still I get the 1st prize, I wonder! ;)

  3. wow your page looks reallyyyy cute
    thanks for stopping by! :D


  4. Thanks Hailey!
    I loved u'r blog,too! :)