This Valentine's Day...


  1. well,I'm back again to scribble something here on your blog,et...happy valentines day for you:)..we had a heavy lunch today(well,thats all happened today for me)...we 'girls' went out and had a great time though not even one guy was around!!..hope u too enjoying in ur own way....

  2. Wish my family a Whooping Valentines Day??? They will think I have gone bonkers!!!

    I like the thought and the spirit though:)
    Oh and I love the Et family above. Too cute!!!

  3. @ zen
    yeah i've been discussing C programs with my sis :P
    it's exam for her, and i should show my love for her right?!

    @ choco
    aha!so somebody has commented before u!don't care!
    and i were too sleepy when i designed the et last night.i always get creative when i'm abnormal! :D

  4. dude even u r valentine has a single antenna/ hair !!
    The Et family is amzing

  5. And the dog is proposing on his behalf!!! Lolz

    What do you not care about???? I so didn't get that!!

  6. @ pawanz
    hmm that goes symbolic.tell u something, the 1st ever design of et had two antennae!

    it's a cat actually,who thinks he's a dog!and his name is pearl!*sudden ideas!* i'll update it in post!
    & u've been the official primary commentator of et's blog!so don care f som1 els cmmntd b4 u!*kiddings*

  7. Ooo. Et is balding and mah heart's all tingly if that is a cat! And I have noticed the almost straight tail. So Pearl can pass as a cat!

    And I never knew that I had enjoyed such a status on et's blog!! Don't you think I deserve some kinda award for that???:D

  8. @ chocoz
    Hmm i've been thinking about that.. :)
    very soon!