The family gets bigger!

Nothing special. I just did some cartoon bits when I had no idea what else to do. Hmm and there's 3 of 'em. Check it out!
PS: There's a new member out there.. got it?!

And thanks to Sajin for contributing to the idea.
Actually he asked this question in a chat and I answered so!

And talking of smiles..
There is a really cool plugin in the Avant Window Manager(the dock thing) in Ubuntu. Clicking on it gives you instant fortunes, and it's called the animal farm. The name is so because it's various animals which tells you the fortune. The fun thing is.. it's not always the fortune that is told, and can be really funny at times.
See this screenshot of my moment's fortune! :D

And here are some more of the funny fortunes I got today!

You will be attacked by a beast with the body of a wolf, the tail of a lion and the face of Donald duck.

Don't look now.. but there's a spider on your shoulder.

Q: What is common between Winnie the Pooh and John the Baptist?
A: Same middle name.


  1. Et!!! You've found your calling! Too adorable :)

    And next time do the cooking yourself for a change!!:P

  2. And still you want it to be 'food'? :D

  3. that was wonderful...especially the cartoon..

  4. hi
    ty for reviewing blog, i love your cartoons,
    nice big family is great. lol

  5. @ zen
    tnQ tnQ tnQ.. as usual :)

    good! u taking u'r blog-link along with everything u say ha! :P

  6. Hmmm...
    In answer to the question:"Do u still want it to be food?"

    I say, "I expect it to be:
    Food?- Yes
    Presentable?- Likely
    Edible?- Probably
    Tasty?- Doubtful
    Digestible?- Improbable
    A Second Helping?- AAAaaa That's it! I'm outta here!!!!!"

    PS :D Not kidding off course. Just couldn't help blurting that out. :P

  7. the one eyed thing looks somewhat like Squidoo logo! :P

  8. @ choco
    LOLZ * 100; !!!

    @ Su
    Hmm dat too, is right.But i designed this one much much before even i heard about squidoo from amitabhji!! I think I should publish my characters as soon as i design them, from now on!

  9. Oh, the cartoon was adorable! I agree with Choco. Very creative indeed :)

  10. hahaha too good.... i like tht cartoon character wid single hair on his head... soo cute

  11. UPLOAD something...FAST!!:)

  12. @ all
    Danku! I'll look into drawing more!
    Thanks for the encouragement :)

  13. @ Su
    See the very 1st design of the 1-eyed-thing.
    (if u r in orkut)
    And it dates back 2 years u see!
    There's also 1st time design of et!

  14. hee heee I managed to peep into his orkut last week..must say ..hard worker eh ? since beginning .

    I first thout u got a sty in ur eye...
    Good ,u gottu learn from your friend.He doesnt drink ,kewl.

  15. @ Smi
    hmm i got all doubty!wat made u think abt the hrdwrkin n wich pic says i hav sty in ma eye?!
    hmm.. he havn't yet figured out a way to drink! :D